Zirkon Savunma Sanayi Lti. Şti.

As ZIRKON, we are active within the content;

  • To deliver changing demands on time based on related side (Internal/External Context) needs and expectations and customer satisfaction, to respond quickly to demands, to realize and deliver projects on time, to provide quality products/services and competitive prices, to provide the best service as information and technical support,
  • To follow high technology and use it effectively in order to maintain customer satisfaction,
  • To adopt the understanding that all staff are responsible for quality and therefore to place quality awareness to them, to provide training to develop their knowledge and skills, to encourage harmony and creativity,
  • To come to the position of an exemplary and leading company in the sector with respect to the environment, giving confidence to its users,
  • Ensuring the happiness and motivation of the staff,
  • Adopting the understanding of continuous improvement of the system through the evaluation of the processes defined in the system, measurable and Quality Targets based on performance indicators,
  • To comply with national and international standards,
  • Protecting and monitoring the environment with a performance that is constantly moving forward for a clean and livable nature,
  • To comply with environmental laws and regulations,
  • Making the use of natural resources, energy and raw materials in our production and services economically and efficiently, minimizing waste formation by ensuring the recovery and reuse of our waste,
  • To carry out the necessary activities to improve the environmental awareness of our employees, customers, suppliers on environmental protection and environmental pollution reduction is our policy.

In this direction, as Zirkon Defence, we are committed to setting our quality, environmental and OHS goals, constantly reviewing our goals and spreading this policy among all our employees.